Become A Foster
Can you open your home and heart to an animal in need?

Fostering is a highly rewarding experience that benefits homeless animals and is fun for you and your family!

As a foster parent, you are an invaluable part of the Monroe County Friends of Animal’s life-saving team.

We are always looking for people to foster animals that are waiting to find their forever home; the shelter is not a home.

Some animals in need of fostering are simply too young for adoption, need extra love and socialization to become confident family pets, have medical needs, or recovering from a surgical procedure.  There’s also a great need for fosters when the shelter is overcrowded. Fostering allows us to provide these special animals with the love and care they need until they are ready to find their forever homes.

Fostering is ideal for animal lovers who are:
    • Seniors and others not wanting the lifelong commitment that comes with pet adoption
    • Families—fostering is a great way to teach kids about responsible pet ownership.
    • Anyone who is looking for a way to truly make a difference in an animal’s life

    We have a special foster program for older animals or ones with special needs.   It’s called “Second Chance Pals.” Click to learn more!

    Fostering is Flexible and We Cover the Expense!

    There is no financial cost to foster an animal. Complete and submit the foster application below and our foster coordinator will contact you
    Or send us an email at and we’ll give you a call.


    Complete the form and submit online.


    DOWNLOAD FORM Complete it, print and email to us

    or mail to: MCFA  PO Box 106    Vonore, TN 37885

    Foster Application

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